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Clothing and its usage (An exercise with a thinking taxonomy)

On the goal of identifying clothes and the situations they are used, student could practice with this: Remember: Describe what clothes are used in: At school, in sports, in a festivity or family party, in a formal job. Understand: Offer … Continue reading

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Thinking of cognitive skills (Bloom’s Taxonomy)

Bloom himself recognized that the taxonomy was being “unexpectedly” used by countless groups never considered an audience for the original publication. Forehand, M. (2005). Bloom’s taxonomy: Original and revised… I We live in a world where everything is in hierarchical … Continue reading

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Observing TEFL class and my reflections

My variation on the Venn Diagrams I was sort of complicated to put my ideas into circles, so, I turned them into a three column squared graphic where the middle section represents the intersection or the things I would surely … Continue reading

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A speaking exercise

This is a rehearsal of a way to evaluate a speaking exercise. My proposal goes like this: I make an invitation to talk about songs (assuming everyone loves music and has favorite songs). I make an example of what I … Continue reading

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Three short and nice songs to use in class

With these three themes the goal is to sing (speak), I used them in my three grades in secondary school and, sometimes I could dug into meanings and vocabulary… but this is not necessary to do… just make your students … Continue reading

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Learning styles and multiple intelligences

As a way to increase my own knowdledge, a fact that will help me to be a better teacher, I did this couple of quizzes. It was funny to answer them and discover new things!   Listen to my Interpretation … Continue reading

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On Motivation (Part 2)

Considering the work of Dörnyei and Csizér about the Key Areas in which the teacher can influence lernears’motivation, these are my contributions in four I found fundamental for teaching secondary: 1)      The teacher People learn by observing others (Bandura). A … Continue reading

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