A speaking exercise

This is a rehearsal of a way to evaluate a speaking exercise. My proposal goes like this: I make an invitation to talk about songs (assuming everyone loves music and has favorite songs). I make an example of what I ask and then, I let the invitation open.

I attach the rubric, always is good to understand how will we evaluated, this makes the students get ready for the requirements!

The exercise is here!

My rubric to download is here!


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The sudden pain of losing all I know I’m scared to dream, I hear me scream (sorry, nothing else came to my mind!)
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One Response to A speaking exercise

  1. Jose,
    One thing you must keep in mind about Voicethread is that it is no substitution for the interchange and possible development of oral competencies that take place in discussion forums. Although online discussion forums are written, They do provide more opportunities for interaction than Voicethread.
    I believe we will constantly be looking for the ideal oral interactive site, won’t we?

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